A Child’s Gift

Gift-BoxWe have all received gifts as children. As a child, the gift may not be of great value unless it is what the child longs for. This small incident tells us how important it is to give children what ‘they’ desire and not what ‘you’ desire to give them.

A teenage boy; his life has given him the challenge of depending on a hearing aid to hear and sign language to communicate. The desire of a helping hand was to gift him a hearing aid. It was given to him on one fine day. The boy not knowing its value (the hearing being of great help to hear and an expensive article), refuses to put it on, not even in school. He even misplaced it. This little boy was not aware of the value of this gift he received, nor the purpose of it.

Not many are lucky to get a second chance. But he was lucky enough to get a generous principle who wanted to gift him an iPad. This would help him communicate with the world without any barrier and also would help him widen his horizon. But the task before gifting it to him was to make him aware of its worth. This was done during the speech therapy sessions.

The first few sessions were not easy as he did not understand the purpose of the device. He even refused to attend the sessions as he felt that the device was not useful. The task was to make him feel that he can learn and acquire more understanding of the world through the device. A look at his class work will tell how difficult it is for this little boy to understand the worlds around him. We may not understand him and his difficulties well. He had newspaper headlines written every day, without understanding a single word of the written text. When I substituted the key words in the book to images on the iPad, he loved it. And when I told him that he should not simply be writing his classwork but should understand what he is writing, his answer was something that I was waiting to hear. “I don’t have a device of my own” he said. Task accomplished!

I hope to see this interest and need burn in him, because very soon he will be a proud owner of the device.

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