Good touch, bad touch

As part of the “Good touch, Bad touch Training Program” which is done on a daily basis, the boys of preschool were specifically instructed, “Touching girls is not allowed. You should only shake hands.”

For the Annual Day Celebration, the children were taught an action song, “Georgie, Porgie, pudding and pie. Kiss the girls and made them cry.


A boy student with autism (10 yrs) was instructed to kiss a girl student (10 yrs) hand and run away.  He was hesitant and refused to do the action. The teacher was puzzled. A few days later he went up to the teacher and said, “Kissing girls is not allowed.” His honest response left her speechless. Only when it was explained that it was “just drama” and he was playing the role of a naughty boy, he agreed to kiss the girl.

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