Independence Day


We celebrate this day with great zeal every year. This year was no exception. There was an array of programs to display and remind us of the untold sacrifices of the fighters of freedom, the patriotism of Indians and we filled the air with music that echoed the joys of freedom and patriotism.

Our distinguished guest Colonel Asheesh Kashyap from Helicopter division of HAL, graciously accepted the invitation and was present to witness the program in school. He hoisted the flag, followed by March past by senior students.  The essence of his message was,


Independence means responsibility”

The parents were also speechless and confessed that they had undermined the talents of these children, but they are in no comparison to any other!

Lastly, we concluded the day with thanksgiving prayer to the Lord Almighty for hearing our prayer and giving us favorable weather; as it was continuously drizzling till we were going to begin the program at 9:30 a.m.

Truly, the entire event is a testimony of team work, understanding and co-operation of all the staff, students and parents of Asha Kiran!

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