Independence Day


We celebrate this day with great zeal every year. This year was no exception. There was an array of programs to display and remind us of the untold sacrifices of the fighters of freedom, the patriotism of Indians and we filled the air with music that echoed the joys of freedom and patriotism. Continue reading

Rapport Building

This was an experience I had around two years back when I was newly appointed in Asha Kiran as a staff member.

All the children travelling by the school bus would respond to my greeting each morning except this little boy with autism was sitting by the window on the last seat of the bus. Every time I greeted him he would look straight through me as if he was oblivious of my presence. This continued for a couple of weeks. Continue reading

Independence Day Celebration

Asha Kiran Family cordially invites you for the celebration of 67th Independence Day on


Day: 14th August 2013
Time: 9:30 a.m. (sharp)
Chief Guest: Col. Asheesh Kashyap
Place: Asha Kiran School Campus, Horamavu, Bangalore 560016

Come and encourage our staff and students.


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Business is Business!!

At Asha Kiran there are several innovative ways adopted to teach the children with different needs. One student who is 20 years of age with Mental Challenges is allowed to have the stall during the break time to learn about the transaction of money. He desires to have an Ice Cream Shop in future. This incident happened during one of the break times when one of the supporting staff members visited his tuck shop. The lady did not have the money to purchase the snack she wanted, so she requested the boy to give the snack and promised to give the money the next day. He boldly responded “No money, no snacks! Business is business!”

The child has learnt the value of money through this activity. In the past he had an idea that money just comes from the locker.