Business is Business!!

At Asha Kiran there are several innovative ways adopted to teach the children with different needs. One student who is 20 years of age with Mental Challenges is allowed to have the stall during the break time to learn about the transaction of money. He desires to have an Ice Cream Shop in future. This incident happened during one of the break times when one of the supporting staff members visited his tuck shop. The lady did not have the money to purchase the snack she wanted, so she requested the boy to give the snack and promised to give the money the next day. He boldly responded “No money, no snacks! Business is business!”

The child has learnt the value of money through this activity. In the past he had an idea that money just comes from the locker.

Look at the Child, not the label

In their book, “The Child with Special Needs,” Geenspan and Wieder draw upon 20 years experience of working and researching special needs children to advise against a simplistic approach to labelling children, ADD, PDD, PDDNOS, autistic, etc.

For example, a child may be labeled as autistic because he has difficulty relating to others, yet his underlying problems may be more specific and involve difficulty in processing auditory information and a severe over reactivity to sound. As a result of these challenges, the speech of people around him is confusing and assaulting, making him physically and emotionally uncomfortable. To protect himself, the child withdraws and becomes aimless, earning the diagnosis of autism. Continue reading